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Neo-Cons Demand Obama Visit Seoul To Gang Up on China

Neo-Cons Demand Obama Visit Seoul To Gang Up on China


Jan. 31 (LPAC)–With President Barack Obama planning a trip to Asia in April, with tentative stops in Japan, the Philippines, and Malaysia, a group of Korea hands from neo-conservative circles has intervened to demand that South Korea be included, so as to drag them into a anti-China coalition, which (they fail to add) Korea has been most unwilling to join.

Michael Green and Victor Cha from the Geogetown Center for Strategic and International Studies, and G.W. Bush’s Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, joined forces in a {Washington Post} op-ed today, writing: “Visiting key treaty allies Tokyo and Manila, while skipping another key ally, South Korea, on Obama’s first trip to Asia of his second term would be an embarrassment for South Korean President Park Geun-hye, particularly given how prickly relations are between Tokyo and Seoul. If anything, North Korean threats and Chinese muscle-flexing should put a premium on Obama ensuring that our two democratic allies in North Asia not work against each other.” They add that the United States must “keep the leadership in Tokyo and Seoul focused on what we can and must do together in the future,” leaving this loaded statement unexplained.

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