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LaRouche’s Warning Spreads in Mobilization to Stop Thermonuclear War

LaRouche’s Warning Spreads in Mobilization to Stop Thermonuclear War


Feb. 7, 2014 (LPAC)–Several reports on the mobilization to stop the war of thermonuclear extermination came in on Feb. 7; these are about directly getting out LaRouche’s warnings, and, in the case of Pat Buchanan, his second article in as many days warning against the provocations against Russia and China.

— TV personality Roseanne Barr tweeted out to 230,000 twitter followers today, “Why is the U.S. backing Nazis in Ukraine?”

— BEFOREITSNEWS, a populist website, ran a posting by Susan Duclos, who runs the Wake Up America website, which includes the full LPAC Policy committee show of Feb. 3.

Duclos commented: “At the February 3, 2014 LPAC Policy Committee meeting with guests from around the world, Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche makes a chilling prediction that due to the US deliberately provoking Russia into a response, a thermo nuclear mutual extermination will be kicked off in March 2014.

“LaRouche also predicts the official declaration by the Queen will happen in March.

“LaRouche’s commentary comes at the beginning of the video below and is something everybody needs to hear and listen to in order to prepare themselves accordingly in case this prediction, based on strategic intelligence, comes true.”

— At the University of Washington (state), Amb. Thomas Pickering spoke on foreign policy, Feb. 6, and two LPAC organizers, including former Congressional candidate Dave Christie, intervened, leading to more than 100 participants eagerly grabbing leaflets after the meeting. Here is a short summary:

“There were largely students and faculty in the audience. Pickering’s speech went through all the hot spots on the planet and the danger of a financial crisis. He called on the Fed, saying that all the money printing is not the right thing to do. Dave got to ask the first question, saying that in 1914, 100 years ago, there was a financial collapse and it blew up. Now this is the same thing and it’s blowing up, that you [Pickering] forgot to mention Ukraine, the most important hotspot. Dave then read the Medvedev quote on how regional wars can lead to nuclear war.

“Pickering punted on certain things. But then said `I would hope that there wouldn’t be a nuclear war, but I can’t just put it aside, because someone foolish could come along.’ Doug from Seattle got to ask a question later and brought up the Nazi protesters in Ukraine. Pickering then said, `Well, there are neo-fascists who support Putin too.’ Doug then told him, `Look let’s be clear, Putin doesn’t support neo-fascists but Obama does!’ Dave commented that he had never seen so many people come up to take leaflets after an intervention.

— On Feb. 7, former White House speechwriter Pat Buchanan wrote an article, “Staying out of other people’s wars,” in which he directly warns of nuclear war. Talking of five global hotspots that could rapidly turn into war, he says, one of these, “North Korea is warning that should the annual U.S.-South Korean military exercises go forward in March, it could mean war, possibly nuclear war.” Neither North Korea nor the others–Iran, China-Japan tensions, Philippines and Syria–involve U.S. national security interests. He emphasizes that “the possibility of America being dragged into a new war is growing,” and quotes Henry Kissinger at the Munich Wehrkunde conference saying that Asia today “is like 19th-century Europe, where military conflict is not ruled out.”

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