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Japan, Philippines Try To Make Up with China

Japan, Philippines Try To Make Up with China


Nov. 10, 2014 (EIRNS)–The scheduled talks between Japan’s Shinzo Abe and China’s Xi Jinping did take place as planned after the signing of a four-point agreement Nov. 7. Xinhua noted that the meeting was at Japan’s request, and while Abe painted the meeting as a “first step” to improving relations, Xi essentially lectured Abe to “follow the path of peaceful development and adopt prudent military and security policies,” adding that “Severe difficulties have emerged in Sino-Japanese relations in the recent two years and the rights and wrongs behind them are crystal clear.”

The other arm of Obama’s anti-China operations in Asia, Philippine President Noynoy Aquino, is also trying to make up for his belligerent anti-China policies, pleading for a private “pull-aside meeting” with Xi on the sidelines of the summit, said Yahoo Philippines, or at least break the ice during the turnover of the Hosting Leaders Meeting on Nov. 11 (the Philippines hosts APEC next year). “If there’s a chance for a pull-aside, Aquino would like to suggest a resumption of communication between the Philippines and China,” reported Yahoo.

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