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Even the Philippines Offers Some Resistance to Obama’s Imperial Ways

Even the Philippines Offers Some Resistance to Obama’s Imperial Ways


Feb. 7, 2014 (LPAC)–Philip Goldberg, the U.S. ambassador to the Philippines, this week said negotiations for an increased U.S. military presence in the country may take longer than initially expected, the {Financial Times} reported.

The agreement being hammered out now plays word games to avoid the blatant fact that the U.S. is violating the Philippines’ constitutional ban on foreign military bases, by providing that the U.S. troops “rotate” through existing Philippine bases, rather than being permanently based in the country.

The 1987 Philippine constitution banned foreign military bases and nuclear weapons, prompting the government to close U.S. bases in the early 1990s.

Manila and Washington began talks on this scam in August 2013. But the negotiations hit an impasse in November when the U.S. demanded that their non-bases would be out-of bounds for Filipinos, even government and military officials.

Goldberg said there were important “issues that need to be resolved…. In some ways, we perhaps had too ambitious a timeline for completion, but I’m optimistic that we’ll come to an agreement,” said Goldberg, who arrived in Manila in November.

Not only is there wide-spread opposition in the Philippines to a deal that bans Filipinos from some areas of Philippine territory, but the wiser ones recognize that the confrontational stance of the Philippine government to China is insane and extremely dangerous.

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