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New Radio Show Host in Manila Has Been Promoting LaRouche for Years

New Radio Show Host in Manila Has Been Promoting LaRouche for Years


May 30, 2013 (LPAC) — Manny Topacio, a lawyer in the Philippines who has hosted a two-hour morning drive-time radio show twice a week in Manila, has been following and promoting Lyndon LaRouche and the LPAC material for several years on his show, and encouraging his listeners to watch the Friday night LaRouche webcasts. Thursday morning he hosted Mike Billington on his show for 40 minutes, demonstrating that he has a broad knowledge of the LaRouche movement, and that he had already studied the “Dodd Frank Kills” material.

This program reaches a new audience in the Philippines, in addition to the regular promotion of LaRouche’s ideas on the Butch Valdes weekly nationwide broadcasts on Sunday nights.

Topacio, who reported that he met LaRouche organizers at an airport in 1979 but had only followed the website for the last few years, asked Billington to give the audience an overview of the LaRouche movement. Billington began with Lyn’s forecast of the August 1971 destruction of Bretton Woods, the launching of floating exchange rates and increasingly dominant speculation over the real economy, the British role in killing JFK and the launching of colonial-style wars in Asia, the accelerating collapse of the American System leading into the current hyperinflationary collapse and the threat of world war. Topacio asked pointedly how the Dodd Frank bill contained the “bail-in” process, and about the expanding mobilization for Glass-Steagall in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The show is on a government radio station, so the discussion stuck to the global crisis and the global solutions, but Topacio reported afterward that he received many messages of support and interest, and that he looks forward to other LaRouche spokepersons, or even a “hello” from LaRouche himself, on future shows.

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