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Senior Chinese Diplomat to US – Don’t Push Japan to War, or We May Have US-China War

Senior Chinese Diplomat to US – Don’t Push Japan to War, or We May Have US-China War


Oct. 31, 2012 (LPAC) — A senior retired Chinae diplomat, Chen Jian, made a highly advertised public speech, Tuesday, accusing the U.S. of planting a “time bomb” between China and Japan, and warning of a U.S./China war. Chen Jian, who served as China’s Ambassador to Japan, as well as Under Secretary General of the United Nations, said that the “time bomb planted by the U.S. between China and Japan… is now exploding or aboout to explode.”

The U.S. policy, including the contradictory stand that the U.S. takes no position in the territorial dispute, but at the same time declares the contested Senkaku/Diaoyu islands to be covered by the U.S.-Japan security treaty, is encouraging the right wing in Japan to take belligerent actions against China. “The U.S. is urging Japan to play a greater role in the region in security terms, not just on economic terms, [which] suits the purpose of the right wing in Japan more than perfectly — their long-term dream is now possible to be realized.”

In regard to the U.S. pivot to Asia and the Obama Administration’s role in pushing the Philippines and others to confront China over territotial issues which previously had been intentionally left aside, Chen Jian asked pointedly: “Will these countries misjudge and draw China and the United States into a confrontation? The danger is apparent, and China needs to be aware of that.”

These are the highest-level remarks from the Chinese leadership establishment which reflect the similar warning from the Russian leadership that Obama’s actions are leading to war.

China is not demanding that the contested islands be returned to China at this point, but only that Japan again express clearly that China has a claim over the islands which has yet to be resolved. China has insisted that a statement of that sort would make it possible to return to the peaceful condition that existed before Japan nationalized the islands from a private Japanese owner in September. However, Prime Minister Noda said at the UN meeting this fall that the islands belonged to Japan and that “there are no territorial issues as such,” thus denying the existence of any Chinese claim.

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