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Obama WannaBe Provokes Philippines Constitutional Crisis

Obama WannaBe Provokes Philippines Constitutional Crisis


Feb. 13, 2012 (LPAC)–An extra-constitutional power grab by Philippines President Aquino suffered a major setback Monday when the Senate voted 13-10 to uphold a Supreme Court order against unrestrained investigation without probable cause.

As President Aquino has presided over the worse performing East Asian economy, he has moved more into the role of populist demagogue dictator who blames all the wealthy (except himself) for the decline of the economy and impoverishment of the population. He is now attempting to remove the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for not going along with a series of non-constitutional measures (and for ruling against the President in a case regarding Aquino family property). Thus a constitutional crisis has erupted as President “Noynoy” Aquino who openly emulates Obama, the Philippines House controlled by Aquino’s Liberal Party, the more independent Senate, and the Supreme Court battle in the fourth week on an impeachment trial.

The prosecution is attempting to win its case in the press by conducting a fishing expedition into Judge Corona’s finance by subpoenaing records of his dollar bank record, which is illegal in the Philippines. The Supreme Court (minus Corona) issued a Temporary Restraining Order against opening the accounts.

Monday, the judge’s defense team held a surprise TV press conference to state that the executive branch was “undermining the impeachment process and the Constitution for purportedly trying to win senators over.” “Yesterday, we received very reliable information that Executive Secretary Paquito ‘Jojo’ Ochoa, acting in behalf of President Benigno Aquino III, was personally contacting and phoning senator-judges to persuade or pressure them to defy a temporary restraining order (TRO) issued by the Supreme Court.”

The government is said to have offered 100 million peso ($2.5 million) as development “slush fund” to spend in their districts, if they voted the right way. This action, if proven, would be an impeachable offense on the President’s part.

Having had the power play exposed, the Senate had the will-power to vote to uphold the constitution. And as this occurs, it is becomes clear that the President’s side has used a series of dirty, and underhanded tactics to smear the judge and any other enemy. Property alleged to have been owned by the judge turns out not to have existed, bank records presented in evidence are are shown to be fraudulent, etc. Apparently Aquino and his fellows, planning to try the impeachment in the press, actually had no case, or at least no evidence, and felt loud enough accusations would do. But, when people fight back, that tactic will not work.

Calls are now going out for the trial to be shut down, destroying the entire credibility of the administration; that would leave Aquino as a poor Nero look-alike with no one to listen to his fiddle.

The Philippines drama is not only is vital for the future well-being of the Filipino people, but has important consequences in Washington and Beijing; besides tearing up the Constitution, Aquino is the only Asian “leader” openly provoking China over miniscule territorial spats, while asking Uncle Obama for weapons, military aid and additional US troops. The aid so far is not enough to make any real difference, not enough to “deter” China, but it is enough to start a war. So far, the US, while encouraging Aquino and his gaggle of sharpies in their playground taunting, has been prudent enough not to give the Philippine military any blank check endorsements.

Within the saner layers in the Philippines, the advantages of working with China, but not against the United States, is very clear. And the threat of war, serious full out war, that hangs in the background perhaps has strengthened the backbone of those Filipinos unwilling to go along with Aquino foolish tricks.

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