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Manila Under Water; Deaths and Destruction On Obama’s Hands

Manila Under Water; Deaths and Destruction On Obama’s Hands


Aug. 7, 2012 (LPAC) — Once again, a tropical storm has inundated Manila. Half the city is under water (a city the size of LA) with many deaths and hundreds of thousands homeless.

When a similar flood struck Manila in 2009, EIR published an article titled “George Shultz Is Still Killing Filipinos,” which led with a quote from Felino Palafax, an urban planner and architect who had worked on President Ferdinand Marcos’s flood-control design in the 1970s: “Some are saying the flooding is an act of God. It’s not. It’s neglect on the part of the government. We’ve told governemnt all along this would happen… Because the recommendations was not heeded, what occured was virtually a massacre.”

Marcos’s flood-control plan was scrapped along with all Marcos’s development policies when George Shultz orchestrated the coup against Marcos in 1986, placing Cory Aquino in power. Cory Aquino’s mindless son Noynoy is now the President, and his bosom buddy Barack Obama is delighted that Noynoy is willing to use his nation as a pawn for Obama’s war plans against China, while the starving and destitute population continues to suffer such “massacres” on a regular basis.

The home of one of the leading members of the Philippines LaRouche Society, Ver Archivido, was again inundated, as it was in 2009, with flood waters reaching the roof. He and his family escaped in the middle of the night — this time he was at least able to save his computer and his guitar.

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