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Leading Advisor to Philippine VP Calls for Impeachment of President Aquino — Joe Biden, Are You Listening

Leading Advisor to Philippine VP Calls for Impeachment of President Aquino — Joe Biden, Are You Listening


Feb. 14, 2012 (LPAC)–In order for Philippine President Benigno (PNoy) Aquino to follow his orders from British puppet Obama to turn his island nation into a U.S. aircraft carrier and airbase for a war on China, he has to succeed in destroying the Supreme Court (and the Constitution, which forbids foreign bases in the country). But his effort to blackmail and bribe the Senate, which is now holding a trumped-up impechment trial against the Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, is rapidly creating the possibility that it is the President, not the Chief Justice, who gets convicted in an impeachment trial.

Former Senator Kit Tatad has put the impeachment issue on the table, which is particularly important, because Tatad is now a well-known advisor to Vice President Jejomar Binay! (It would be useful for Joe Biden to show as much courage in doing his duty to the Constitution.) Tatad was also a leading figure in the Marcos regime (the last competent leader of the Philippines), served for years in the Senate, and has been a long-standing friend of Lyndon LaRouche and his associates in the US and in the Philippines.

In an op-ed in the Manila Times Tuesday, Tatad wrote that the last straw was when President Aquino illegally made demands on the Chief Justice, although by law the President is not party to the impeachment, and then worse, “publicly called on [Chief Justice] Corona in a news conference to reveal the contents of his dollar account, and the [President’s] Executive Secretary started asking individual senators, in the name of the President, not to honor the Supreme Court’s Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) on the opening of Corona’s alleged dollar account at the Philippine Savings Bank…. [S]ome senators, speaking in the strictest confidence, revealed having received a call from the Executive Secretary allegedly to transmit an urgent personal request from the President that they not honor the TRO.

“This suggests a constitutional crime of incalculable magnitude, given the President’s oath of office…. A president may honestly err in failing to understand the law and its commands. But no president should ever inveigh against the law, and ask other government officials to defy the law or an order of the highest court, based on its interpretation of the law, just because he does not like or agree with it.

“This is the hardest thing to say, and I may not be forgiven for saying it, but someone will have to say it here and now, or elsewhere or later, that by this very act, PNoy may have RENDERED HIMSELF COMPLETELY IMPEACHABLE AND UNFIT TO CONTINUE IN OFFICE. He may have placed himself not just above the law but against the law, the exact opposite of what a president should be.”

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