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LaRouche Friend in Philippines Covers Helga in Rhodes

LaRouche Friend in Philippines Covers Helga in Rhodes


Oct. 10, 2012 (LPAC) — Francisco “Kit” Tatad, an advisor of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, a Senator, a long-standing friend of LaRouche, and more recently an advisor to current Vice President Binay, was a speaker at the Rhodes conference, as was Helga Zepp LaRouche. In his regular column in the Manila Standard today, Tatad quoted Halga on the danger of war driven by the collaps of the financial system:

“Some worthies at Rhodes were genuinely concerned that having accurately predicted the transatlantic meltdown long before it occurred, they might again be proved right about their apprehensions of a Middle East war erupting not in some distant future, but in the short term. `The accelerating collapse of the transatlantic system is exerting such intense pressure on the dynamic driving the danger of war that humanity could crash into a brick wall,’ the global activist Helga Zepp-LaRouche told the closing session of the Dialogue. “The US and European liquidity expansion measures have led to a hyper-inflationary printing of money, with its life-shortening effect upon millions of people in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. It threatens to plunge Europe into a firestorm of unprecedented proportions,’ she said.

“That may alarm,” Sen. Tatad continued. “But it needs to be said and somebody has to say it, for the war drums are getting louder. Iran says it is committed to a policy of nuclear energy for all, and nuclear weapons for none. At Rhodes, support was expressed for a nuclear weapons-free zone. Yet at the 3rd Singapore Global Dialogue earlier in September, a coldblooded academic suggested the time to hit Iran was now, before it develops its own nuclear bomb.

“It seems to me that no nation threatens the peace merely by its sheer war-making capacity. It becomes the enemy of peace when it begins to believe that war — instead of dialogue and peaceful engagement — is the best way to express its power, and solve its problems.”


Can we lick the global meltdown without war?
by Francisco S. Tatad

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