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Philippine President Aquino — The Clone of Nerobama’s Dictatorship

Philippine President Aquino — The Clone of Nerobama’s Dictatorship


Dec. 15, 2011 (LPAC)–The President of the Philippines, Noynoy Aquino, is attempting to beat his mentor Obama to the punch in implementing all-out dictatorship in their respective countries. Aquino, the mindless son of the puppet president Cory Aquino who was placed in the Presidency by the George Shultz crowd, who ran the coup against Ferdinand Marcos in 1986, has, all on one day, December 12:

1) announced a military mobilization against China, as part of Obama’s war plan (see Obama’s Efforts To Start a War Against China Gains Two Backers in Asia — the Philippine President and a Japanese Opposition Leader);
2) declared war against the institution of the Catholic Church; and
3) launched impeachment proceedings against the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, to finish off the “separation of powers” in the Philippine (American-modeled) Constitution.

While announcing his war mobilization against China, Aquino was boycotting the installation of Luis Antonio Tagle as the new Archbishop of Manila, which took place at the same time. Archbishop Ramon Arquelles (of another province) said, “The absence of the President for the very first time in the history of the Philippines was very conspicious. He snubbed the most important religious group in the country.” The Church has mobilized massive opposition to a population-reduction bill known as the “Reproductive Health Bill,” which is virtually the only issue Aquino sponsored during his years in the Senate, before riding his mother’s name into the Presidency on behalf of the same foreign financial interests who ran his mother.

Even more blatant is Aquino’s assault on the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Renato Corona, a former top aid to the former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, is accused of being partial to his former boss in judicial proceedings against her by the Aquino Administration. In particular, when Arroyo wanted to leave the country for medical care, Aquino ordered that she could not leave, but the Supreme Court ruled that he had no right to do so. Aquino then detained the former President when she tried to leave, spitting at the Court ruling.

The House impeached Corona on Monday, and the Senate was sworn in to try the impeachment over the coming weeks. Corona, speaking on the steps of the Supreme Court, called Aquino a would-be dictator: “If this impeachment succeeds, what will happen? Mr. Aquino already has his cabinet, he controls the Congress, and he will have the Supreme Court in his hands. What he is sowing will surely yield a dictatorship – a dictatorship that results from deception and the poisoning of the minds of the people. I will resist the emerging dictatorship of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III.”

Chief Justice Corona added, in words which are equally true of Aquino’s mentor Obama: “The real objective is to destroy the judiciary, destroy democracy and impose the will of the `beloved king.’” Corona must make the connection, as we do here, that Aquino’s service to the Obama global war policy, his assault on the insitutions of the nation, and his blatant disregard for the Constitution, are all of one piece, and represent London and Wall Street’s plan for the Philippines and the world.

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