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LPAC on Philippine Radio


LPAC on Philippine Radio

June 5, 2011 (LPAC)–Mike Billington was the guest on the Butch Valdes radio show on Sunday night, DZXL 558 nationwide. The Philippines is suffering badly from the hyperinflationary impact of the bailout, while facing the threat of one or more volcanic eruptions in the near term as part of the Rim of Fire hyperactivity.

Billington addressed the current global crisis as the end of a 400-year era of Venetian counter-operations to the Renaissance through the creation of the Anglo-Dutch Empire. The current crisis threatens a new Dark Age, but is also the opportunity for creating a new Renaissance, and the Philippines, as a nation which combines the European Renaissance tradition and the Asian culture, has a leading role to play.

After discussing the “end of the bailout” with the arrest of DSK, Philippine LYM leader Ver asked about the call by General Fidel Ramos (the agent of George Shultz who ran the 1986 coup against Marcos, and later as president sold the nation to the western banks and power companies) to have the Philippines join the BRIC. Billington responded that no nation would want to jump into bed with a corpse, and that the Goldman Sachs initiated BRIC gambit is going down with Goldman and the rest of the Inter-Alpha Group networks.

The lack of national leadership in the Philippines, he concluded, means that the Philippines LaRouche Movement must provide the leadership itself, getting to the scientists, the political leaders, and others with the truth, and telling them what must be done to defend sovereignty and bring about the necessary global solutions.

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