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Cory Aquino’s Little Boy Finishes the Job for George Shultz

Cory Aquino’s Little Boy Finishes the Job for George Shultz


July 28, 2010 (LPAC) — Twenty-four years after neo-cons George Shultz and Paul Wolfowitz overthrew Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos for the crime of building a nuclear power plant(which Marcos did with the help of some sane Americans), newly elected President Noynoy Aquino today quashed the budding effort to revive the fully completed Bataan nuclear facility, a campaign which has been spearheaded by the Philippines LaRouche Society.

The pro-nuclear effort had won such a degree of support that Aquino had been forced to give some lip service to nuclear power in the days following his election, but in the end, he covered for his mother, Cory Aquino, the puppet placed in office by Shultz after the coup in 1986, whose first act as president was to mothball the completed nuclear plant without ever producing a single watt of power, while promising to pay every penny of the cost and interest costs on its construction.

That Noynoy is following in his mother’s footsteps is no surprise, as his election was the result of a massive fraud, run by the Venezuelan/American voting machine company Smartmatic, and facilitated by a dirty deal between outgoing criminal President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and incoming President Noynoy Aquino, orchestrated by foreign interests including US Ambassador Harry Thomas. As a result, the Philippines continues its slide into economic oblivion, poverty, and hunger, failing entirely to break from the Anglo-American straightjacket and join in the Asian drive for nuclear-driven development which is otherwise dominant across Asia.

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