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Butch Valdes Leads “Solidarity for Sovereignty” Movement to Counter Subversion in the Philippines

Butch Valdes Leads “Solidarity for Sovereignty” Movement to Counter Subversion in the Philippines


June 3, 2010 (LPAC) — Butch Valdes, the head of the Philippine LaRouche Society and a well-known nationalist economist in his country, spearheaded the founding of a movement this week called Solidarity for Sovereignty, aimed at uniting the various opposition forces to deal with the massive fraud in the presidential and congressional elections held in May. The movement drew about 1,000 people to its first meeting today in Manila, with representatives of nearly all the presidential candidates in those elections, where they signed a Declaration of Sovereignty, calling for nullification of the election pending an investigation into the multiple layers of fraud.

The Declaration references the multiple reports of fraud and the refusal to allow inspection of the machines used by the national election agency and the US-based Smartmatic computer voting machine company that ran the elections.

The Declaration also blasts the new US Ambassador to the Philippines, Harry K. Thomas, for making a grandstand visit to the home of the supposed winner of the presidential election, Noynoy Aquino (son of Cory, who was placed in power when the Marcos regime was overthrown in 1986 by George Shultz and his boys), even before the official tally of votes took place in the Congress.

The Declaration also points to a dirty deal between Aquino and outgoing President Gloria Arroyo, reported to have been brokered by Ambassador Thomas, to allow the election to go forward despite the breakdown of the machines in the days preceding the vote, in exchange for a pledge by Aquino not to prosecute Gloria (as Aquino had promised to do as part of his campaign) for her many crimes in office.

The movement is filing a TRO in the Supreme Court tomorrow to try to stop the canvassing and the proclamation of Noynoy as President until an investigation is carried out.

Speaking at the event in addition to Butch were a leading businessman, Ramon Pedrosa, who co-chairs the Philippines Atoms for Peace Organization, and leading political activist Linda Montayre, and others. A report on drug money in the campaign was a major issue, as a provincial governor who was about to reveal drug money payoffs to top officials was killed last week when his helicopter blew up.

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